Healthcare for All

No person should go without healthcare due to personal finances. As such, I support quality, affordable healthcare for all and will protect the Medicaid expansion in Kentucky. To offset high deductibles and premiums for persons not covered under the ACA, I support the choice of a federal Public Option. The individual/family should be allowed to maintain private insurance provided by their employer. To mention, the ACA was an idea originated by a conservative think tank to promote a market based solution to the health care uninsured.

Reproductive Self-Determination

Roe v. Wade struck the right balance on the issue of abortion. A woman must continue to have the right to make her own decisions in the early stages of her pregnancy without governmental intrusion and in the event of a life threatening situation or health complications. The key to decreasing unintended pregnancies and the abortion rate is to ensure easily accessible, low cost contraceptive care. In addition, I support an increase in federal Title X funding to Kentucky, which covers contraceptive care to low income women.


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