Automatic Enrollment Savings Retirement Plan:  


A majority of Americans and Kentuckians do not have a pension, an individual retirement account (IRA), or a traditional employer savings plan like a 401(k).  Inadequate savings burden retirement plans. Enacted legislation should automatically enroll Kentucky workers in an individual retirement savings plan currently without such a plan. Workers may elect to opt out; however, the plan encourages savings with long term benefits. This program would be replicated after Oregon, which is a proven success story, and helps workers save for their golden years.

Worker Equity:  


Promote a living wage and defend the right for employees to organize and have a voice in the workplace. Economic justice is part of a healthy economy. I also support a path to business/manufacturing apprenticeships and expand broadband internet connectivity to rural communities to help stimulate economic growth.

Small Business:  

Our state’s economy and the district is often powered by small businesses. My parents were both small business owners. Access to capital, credit and entrepreneurial guidance are integral to the ecosystem of small businesses. We need to make sure that Kentucky’s Workforce Development Department, the Small Business Administration (SBA), our universities, banking institutions and other advocacy groups meet their full potential and work together to create pathways for small business opportunities.  As a legislator, I will be a small business/entrepreneur advocate.



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